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 Gwynne is a kind, generous and intuitive teacher. My yoga practice with Gwynne has changed my life in profound way. Our regular practice has helped me experience the calming influence and clarity that yoga brings into daily life. It has given me strength, has taught me mindfulness and to be grateful, and I am very grateful for this.- Deborah Sams, Director Bassike


I loved your women’s yoga retreat and look forward to a return visit. To me it was extremely special and transformative.


Gwynne’s thoughtful – yet unfussy – care about every element of the retreat made it very special.  Her yoga practices were specific and beneficial; her careful planning  made for an extremely nurturing and balanced experience.  All of us in the little group had the time and space for reflection – and for slowing down!   And all in the beautiful calm, quiet surroundings of Gwynne’s farm.
I’m still feeling the benefits of the week in so many ways. I’d love to come again.
- Bridget Ikin. Surry Hills, Sydney
- S.M., Palm Beach, Sydney

Gwynne Jones is a next level Yoga Teacher, experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated, intuitive and caring. Private at home yoga sessions 2/3 times a week with Gwynne can include therapeutic asanas (postures), sacred mantra chanting, conscious breathing and meditation. From my experience, yoga with Gwynne is a deep and authentic practice where sleep, diet, lifestyle and age are all looked at with a view to help bring the body / mind /emotions into a more balanced and integrated state.The discipline of the practice brings an enhanced sense of personal wellness and acquired trust, strength, and a gradual refinement of awareness. A must for all Seekers … under Gwynne’s watchful eye a personalised practice that is adaptable to one’s own individual changing needs is established. I recommend Gwynne’s private and personal 1:1 yoga classes for anyone wanting to live their best life. with gratitude. - Tanya Archer Avalon, Sydney

 Gwynne’s classes are an inspiring and intelligent integration of calm presence and steady challenge. Before you know it, you are doing something you never dreamed possible, expertly navigated through clarity, flow and compassion. The result is a sense of inner strength and a marvelous lightness that continues to grow and benefits me long after the class is finished.- Sarah Hatcher Director, ThinkingCaps
Gwynne has been working with my daughter with scoliosis for over four years now. Gwynne’s whole person and intuitive approach to Yoga Therapy has meant that what she has learnt is much more than corrective postures. Under her guidance my daughter has learnt how to use yoga to bring balance back to her posture and therefore spine. As a result, her scoliosis itself has improved drastically. She has learnt how to tune into her body. She has learnt how to calm herself. She has learnt how to manage her emotions. Through Gwynne’s teachings my daughter is well on her way to become the best that she can be.- Chinmayee and Riana
Yoga practice with Gwynne has created an awareness of greater possibilities for me. The sense of well being that I am enjoying as a result of Gwynne’s Yoga has had a profoundly positive effect on my relationships with friends and family, an added benefit I hadn’t expected. My capacity both physically and mentally has improved, giving me a taste of what it may be like to reach my fullest potential. Gwynne’s Yoga guidance has been a perfect compliment to my surfing and paddle boarding, creating quick recovery, flexibility, stamina and injury avoidance.-Bruce Raymond, Quiksilver International
I have this amazing Yoga teacher and it’s hard not to be happy with her wisdom and kindness.- Ron Woods Director of Pricing Insight
The last two days I have had off work, so exhausted and the beginning of bad back pain but made sure I went to yoga, knew I would feel GREAT afterwards … Didn’t realize how exhausted I was till the practice started, I’m so glad I went just for the shoulder stand and the last 2 minutes of peaceful silence. It was gold!”- Mandy Zieren, Professional Photographer and World Champion Body Boarder
Last year I was diagnosed with Stage 4 incurable breast cancer. Suffice to say that this turned my world upside down and all my hopes and plans for the future were changed. Luckily I found Gwynne. With the help of Gwynne’s excellent meditation course, and our absolutely wonderful cancer yoga sessions, I feel I am regaining my strength and courage. I look forward to my yoga session every week. It is such a loving, gentle and caring environment that Gwynne creates and I am so very grateful. P.S: I can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone!- Jill Marles
Gwynne’s ‘Yoga for Cancer sessions are like a warm embrace. I can often arrive feeling off balance and anxious but I know that when I leave I will feel calm, centered and loved. Gwynne has created a safe and supportive environment for a group of inspirational women which I look forward to joining each and every week.  Thank you Gwynne for all that you do.- Anoula Galettis
Gwynne is divine!” were the words a friend used to refer Gwynne to me, and are now the words I use to refer to her anyone that asks. Gwynne kindly imparted her abundant knowledge on whole foods and yoga therapy when I was stumbling through physical and emotional blocks in my body, needless to say it was a breath of fresh nurturing air. But it’s more the generous love and genuine care that she continues to give me, in all avenues of my life, that makes her stand out as a practitioner…. She is simply divine!- Brienne Burnett
I started yoga as I could not relieve back pain and it was affecting my surfing, work and life in general, as I have always gone down the heal-yourself track with injuries rather than endless expensive chiros etc (I do believe in acupuncture and had 2 sessions with simon) which led me to yoga (being an unorganized person I needed your classes to regiment me). I can say I now feel fitter, more flexible (clear headed), which in turn has reduced my back pain to when I get up only (I can stretch this out) and not all day. In fact I now can go a whole day without even thinking about it. I would recommend anyone with back problems at any level to explore the benefits of yoga which is effective at any level i.e. you just do what feels comfortable to your level. Best of all my surfing has been rejuvenated thanks for the benefit of your yoga classes.- Dennis Wright
Gwynne thank you for the opportunity to attend the “intensive yoga week.” There is a calmness of mind which lingers for hours afterwards and I have found it to be very helpful in dealing with the dramas that arise in my daily life.€- Dimi Walker
Following major shoulder surgery some 3 years ago I decided to try yoga to improve the healing process. Little did I know that I was starting a journey of enlightenment plus new levels of health and vitality? My yoga practice now keeps me supple, comfortable and coupled with an ability to do things other people my age cannot do. I now can actively do most things I have been doing all of my life (including competing in longboard surfing competitions). I have not slowed down and find yoga practice is like a prayer as I do it with a great deal of praise and thankfulness. My yoga teacher Gwynne Jones takes you through a €œbreathing and body awareness journey€ every time she teaches a class. This unique method of presentation is the result of Gwynne’€™s dedication and total focus on creating a mental and relaxing platform for you to operate from. In essence I find yoga is an all-encompassing environment to improve your health both mentally and physically.- Gary Cook
In this busy LIFE how special it is to have Gwynne and her fantastic spring Intensive yoga week. Daily yoga that stimulates the vibrations after a long winter of hibination. There was support of both mind and body and icluded a detox diet with Gwynne’s own delicious vegetarian recipe book. Thank you Gwynne for awakening the creativity of my new season where anything is possible!- Colleen Van Senden, Spring 2019
I loved the Spring Yoga Intensive. It was so wonderful for me as a Yoga teacher myself to experience another Yoga teacher’s style. You have a beautiful tone of voice and graceful, nurturing manner. The classes were strong but calming and left me feeling uplifted and inspired.- Love Coco Elder, Spring 2019
I attended the spring intensive week and have to say it was exceptional, I really enjoyed the five days and as always Gwynne took great individual care of everyone in the class. How could you not enjoy watching the sun come up over the ocean while the swells rolled in, thanks Gwynne.- Lindsay Lyon, Spring 2019
Gwynne’s Intensives are about reconnection, cleansing and alignment. Life becomes more easeful, even the early starts are a joy.- Paul Kininmonth, Spring 2019

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